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The abbot of a monastery in the northern region of Maramures has meanwhile been accused by a theology student of trying to seduce him.The student published a recording of the conversation of the internet, but the abbot has denied the accusation and said he would prove his innocence in a secular court.The video footage surfaced in June when anti-graft prosecutors arrested three priests subordinated to the bishop who had tried to blackmail him in exchange for money or positions in the Church.The Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina had already barred the bishop from all clerical and administrative duties, but the Synod still needs to make the final decision.The priest is under investigation by the Prosecutor’s office.He has been unfrocked already despite having denied the accusations.He also said that he had advised the bishop to resign, so the scandal would not damage the image of the entire Church, but the prelate had refused.

Films, videos, TV spots – in other words, the audiovisual medium is a powerful tool to generate awareness and educate both adults and children about abuse, it's dynamics and possible actions which can help minimize opportunities for abuse or it's recurrence.

The children are also taught how they should not keep these things a secret (even if the abuser entreats/ threatens them to) and report it to their mothers or other responsible adults.

The film also teaches children that even if they are not able to clearly identify the nature of a touch, if it makes them uncomfortable, it is best to refuse and report it.

The session was confidential, however, and all members were asked to leave their mobile phones and all recording devices at the entrance.

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“This is the first time in the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church that a senior cleric is on trial in the Synod for such a moral and disciplinary transgression,” Banescu noted on Thursday.Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate spokesman Vasile Banescu said the bishop was informed he risked removal from office if he was not able to come up with proof to dismiss the serious accusations.