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04-Oct-2017 13:01

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PANEL 6 The Chef holds out a spoon towards the viewer. KICKER PANEL A tiny panel below the bottom of the strip shows a woman yelling at the cartoonist.The spoon is dripping with a thick, neon-green liquid. WOMAN: Criticizing how society harms men means you’re anti-male!PANEL 7 A white woman in slacks and a polo shirt sits on a park bench, reading a newspaper (“Daily Opiate”) and speaking cheerfully to the viewer.WOMAN: Voting for Trump had nothing to do with racism!We even performed once at The Bitter End, though whoever did the publicity spelled my name wrong: When my friendship with Bill ended, maybe because it ended—we did not part on good terms and I was angry and devastated by the loss—I lost the desire to perform on stage.I was getting serious about my writing and I made a conscious decision to focus my energies there.Today we’ll be making “toxic masculinity stew.” Yum! CHEF: In a separate bowl, put ht eidea that “the sex” is something held by women.Panel 2 The chef is stirring some neon green stuff in a pan. We’ll bury these at the bottom of the pot, so no one will ever see them! The slightest thing can make boys feel that this has been shattered! Mix it with the belief that if a man can’t get “the sex” from a woman, one way or the other… Panel 5 From above the pot, we see the chef’s hand holding a shaker (like a salt shaker) and sprinkling neon green specs into the stew.

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Nothing spoils this dish quicker than boys accepting these parts of themselves!MAN: The word “racism” is unfair because it shuts white people up! KICKER PANEL In a small panel below the bottom of the comic strip, an angry white woman speaks directly to the viewers.

It seems Tesla's explanation was appropriately named. Also called magnetite, lodestone is a magnetic oxide of iron (Fe) which was mined in the province of Magnesia in Thessaly from where the magnet gets its name.… continue reading »

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