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09-Jul-2017 06:54

It is also a valuable resource for people who want to support the bisexual community and encourage acceptance of bisexual people within the LGBT community.

Because of these assumptions, “bisexual” has become a dirty word to the point where many bisexual people avoid it.

Bisexual erasure has taken place in many cultures so that bisexuality is often not acknowledged or interpreted as homosexuality.

In many cultures, bisexuals, especially bisexual women, were never thought to exist.

Although more people identify as bisexual than gay or lesbian, various forms of discrimination cause them to be severely underrepresented.

There is little sense of community for bisexuals, especially compared to other groups such as gay men.

This guilt can intensify when they enter long-term relationships, especially if the realization of their bisexuality happens during the relationship.

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The online dating environment is one of many examples that illustrate this discrimination.

They also have the highest rates of abuse in intimate relationships.

If you identify as bisexual or are considering identifying as bisexual, this article will help you navigate potential mental health issues and better understand current ones.

Like many other members of the LGBT community, bisexual people often wish they could change their sexual orientation.

They might feel guilt when they realize they are attracted to both genders, according to therapist Seda Gragossian, who specializes in treating addiction in the LGBT community in San Diego.

Sexuality that was non-heteronormative was often not discussed, and only allowed if absolutely necessary.

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